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Your FCC/AirSense license allows changing your device for free once during your one year period. If you already changed your device once and want to move your license over to yet another device, you will need to purchase this package.


If the new device you want to move the license to is an iOS device, you will also need to sign the app for your new device, this is a requirement from Apple. Your options are:

  • acquire the generic Register additional device package and then handle signing of the app yourself
  • acquire this Sign for additional iOS device package and we'll handle everything for you. This package includes both signing and the increase to the number of allowed device changes.



  • this does not create a new FCC license, it will simply sign the app for your iOS device and increase the number of allowed device changes on your existing license. You will login with the license you already have.
  • keep in mind the license can only be logged in on a single device at a time. This package does not allow you to use multiple phones with one license at the same time, it just allows moving the license to a new device (e.g. when you change your phone). You will not be able to also continue using the license on the old device. If you need to have the app available on two devices, you will need two separate licenses.
  • please uninstall the app from the old device before logging in on the new one. If multiple phones are logged in on the same license at the same time, the account will be locked out automatically.

Sign for additional iOS device

14,99 €Price

    See this page for information and video tutorials on getting your UDID.

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