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Logging in

If you're having trouble finding your login credentials for the drone-tweaks account, please visit the Login Help page.

Installing the app

After you make the payment, in a few hours you will receive an email with the install link.

Installing the app from that link is very simple:

Launching the app and making sure FCC mode (and AirSense) are active

After you installed the FCC (or FCC and AirSense) mod, checking that the mods are active is quite easy:

  • For FCC:

    • Ocusync drones (Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, Air 2S, Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom etc)

      • iOS:

        • you need to look into the Transmission tab and make sure the 1km horizontal line is landing on the left vertical scale at about 87dBm/Mhz. FCC mode is at ~87, CE mode is at ~91.

      • Android​

        • ​you need to look into the Transmission tab and make sure the "1km" text on the right side is above the 90dBm/Mhz horizontal line. If the text is directly in front of the line, that's CE mode. For FCC mode, it needs to be above the line.

      • see an example image for iOS or Android

    • WiFi drones (Mavic Mini, Mavic Air, Spark etc)

      • ​There should be only 11 channels for the 2.4GHz band (the 2.4GHz channels are the ones below 100, the ones over 100 are the 5.8GHz channels).​ FCC mode has 11 channels for 2.4GHz, CE mode has 13 channels.

      • see this image for an example

    • FPV drone:

      • The FPV drone is special because it doesn't need to use the app while flying. Switching it into FCC mode is done simply by connecting it to the FCC modded app. Once that's done, the drone will remain in FCC mode until you connect it to the official app.​

      • Even if flying without the app connected, the drone will remain in FCC mode.

      • Unfortunately, for the FPV drone there is no visual indication in the menus of the mode the drone is in.

  • For AirSense, just go into Safety -> Advanced Safety Settings and make sure the AirSense toggle is visible.​

Check the video tutorial for an example of this on iOS or Android.

Updating the app

When a new version of the Fly or GO4 app is available, in a couple of days we will update the mod to this latest version. To update, you need to find the email we initially sent you to first install the app and tap that link again. There is no need to uninstall the old version first.

Updating the app is very simple - video tutorial


Getting your UDID (only required for iOS)

There are several ways of getting your UDID:


For more information about what the UDID is and why it's needed, click here.

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