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DJI drones operate under two major sets of regulations:

  • FCC (for US, Canada and a few other places)
  • CE (for Europe and most other places).


Because CE regulations are much stricter, the drone needs to turn its radios way down, from an FCC allowed noise of 26dB on 5.8Ghz all the way down to 14dB for CE, which is a very big difference given the logarithmic nature of the dB scale.

For Ocusync 2.0 drones (Air 2, Mini 2, Mavic 2) for example, this drops the maximum range from 10km to 6km and offers much less stability at close distances when going behind obstacles like trees or houses or when flying in area with high interference. The 5.8Ghz band (mostly used in urban environments) is even more limited than the difference in maximum range (obtained in 2.4Ghz) would suggest.

The FCC mod allows the drone to bypass these restrictions and turn its radios to full power.

Furthermore, the FCC mode enables frequencies that are disabled in certain countries (e.g. 5.8Ghz is re-enabled in Russia and Israel).

If you are already flying in an FCC country (e.g. U.S. / Canada), this mod won't do anything for you as your drone is already transmitting at full power. The only reason to get it would be if you're planning to travel abroad.


Please be aware that turning up transmission power without specific permission from the competent authorities as well as flying outside of VLOS is illegal in most places. We encourage you to always follow your local laws and regulations.



On top of FCC, this mod also enables AirSense.

AirSense is a system that allows the drone to receive signals sent by airplanes or helicopters (using the ADS-B protocol) and warns the user that there is a manned aircraft in the area.

The position of the aircraft is also visible on the map. This is only a receiver, there is nothing being transmitted from the drone, it just listens to what other aircrafts are transmitting.

With this mod, AirSense is now fully active on Air 2 drones that have the necessary hardware. Checking whether or not the drone has the hardware is simple, the model number (the first line on the label in the battery area) can either end in 3W or 1N. The 3W model has the required hardware, the 1N model does not.




Supported drones (click drone to see exact gains):

FCC & AirSense mod for DJI Mavic Air 2 for iOS


    The FCC & AirSense mod will install as a separate app on your iPhone or iPad and there is no need for your device to be jailbroken.

    The app is signed with a valid Apple developer certificate specifically for your device, so when making the purchase you need to provide the UDID (Unique Device Identifier) of your iPhone or iPad. Read below for details on how to obtain the UDID.

    Once your UDID has been registered, it cannot be changed, Apple doesn’t allow it. So make sure you are sending the correct UDID of the device you’ll be using when flying.

    The app will be delivered to you via a link. You will tap that link, a webpage will open in Safari and from there you will tap "Install Application". That's it.

    The app can be used with an unlimited number of drones.


    The license is valid for one iDevice, with free updates included, for approximately 12 months. Updates will be released a few days after DJI release their update, provided they don’t make some drastic changes that completely break this mod.

    It is guaranteed that the current version of the Fly app will switch the drone into FCC mode and will enable AirSense on the current firmware of the DJI Mavic Air 2. We cannot be sure what will happen in future firmware updates, so you will be performing these updates on your own risk (although unlikely, the FCC and AirSense mods could be lost on such a firmware update).

    The app is guaranteed to work on all public iOS versions that the official DJI app is working on. If you are using it on beta iOS versions, you are doing it on your own risk.


    See this page for information and video tutorials on getting your UDID.

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