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This mod is used to upgrade your FCC-only license to FCC + AirSense. This will also enable AirSense for your DJI Mavic Air 2.

AirSense is a system that allows the drone to receive signals sent by airplanes or helicopters (using the ADS-B protocol) and warns the user that there is a manned aircraft in the area.

The position of the aircraft is also visible on the map. This is only a receiver, there is nothing being transmitted from the drone, it just listens to what other aircrafts are transmitting.

With this mod, AirSense is now fully active on Air 2 drones that have the necessary hardware. Checking whether or not the drone has the hardware is simple, the model number (the first line on the label in the battery area) can either end in 3W or 1N. The 3W model has the required hardware, the 1N model does not.




Supported drones:

AirSense upgrade


    Please keep in mind this is just an upgrade package. You need to already have a valid FCC license in order to be able to get this. This pack will upgrade your existing FCC-only license to FCC+AirSense.


    It is guaranteed that the current version of the Fly app will switch the drone into FCC mode and will enable AirSense on the current firmware of the DJI Mavic Air 2. We cannot be sure what will happen in future firmware updates, so you will be performing these updates on your own risk (although unlikely, the FCC and AirSense mods could be lost on such a firmware update).

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